Power Bill Problem

Story Title: Power Bill Problem
Episode: 8
Date: 30th October
Presenter: Anne Armansin and Kim Syrus

Why does my energy bill seem higher than the same time last year?
When you have an increase in your energy bills, it is a good idea to take a look around you and note if there's been any changes to your home or to your lifestyle. Think about these questions:

  • Have you added a new appliance to your home?
    This can put greater demands on your electricity, especially when old appliances aren't removed at the same time.
  • Did you know that the new flat screen televisions consume 2 to 3 times the power of the old ones?
    Not all new appliances use less energy.
  • Have you recently renovated?
    Perhaps you've got more space to heat, cool and furnish with new appliances. Increasing the size of your home often means increasing the size of your electricity bill.
  • Are you spending more time at home? New baby? House guests? Working from home?
    If you answer yes to any of these, you're probably going to be using more energy. Staying at home with a new baby probably means you'll be running the heater during the day, instead of just the evening. Babies mean more washing and drying too, and this has an impact on bills, which is why it might seem higher than the same time last year. And more people under the roof means more energy use.
  • Are all of your appliances running properly?
    Faulty appliances can cause you to use more energy than needed. For example, a standard hot water system can account for around a quarter of your home's total energy costs. But, a hot water system with a faulty thermostat can see the cost of heating water boil over.

And remember, even if your appliances are running well, you should still turn them off at the wall. Simply by being on standby, computers, televisions and entertainment and home office equipment can still waste energy.


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