Maintenance of your pump with a block sponge

Episode: 5
Title: Maintenance of your pump with a block sponge
Broadcast: 11th April
Presenter: Calinda

Water features, ponds and aquaponics are systems that really need a pond pump. Calinda shares her knowledge of what pumps to choose and what’s required to keep them clean.

  • There are three main water pumps on the market, the water feature pump, the fountain pump and the dirt water pump.

  • The water feature pump is quite small and is designed for ponds and water features that don’t have any fish or plants. If the water is dirty or muddy, it can clog the pump and can be a real pain to maintain.

  • A dirt water pump is designed to be in dirtier and muddy waters. They’ve got large, robust impellers, which are great for letting particles go through the pump, and delivers them to your filtration system.

  • A fountain pump will do the job of both a water feature pump and a dirt water pump, but requires only a little more maintenance.

  • By removing the front cover of the fountain pump, there will be a small sponge on the inside; this is going to get clogged a lot so it’s best to add another block sponge.

  • A block sponge can be attached directly onto the pump, just slide it on. It will need cleaning every 4 – 6 weeks, which is better than every couple of days with the small one.