Transplanting plants the right way

Episode: 9
Title: Transplanting plants the right way
Broadcast: 9th May
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor’s garden is undergoing a massive transformation; this includes the relocating of plants. Trevor shows you how to transplant your plants the correct way.

  • Western Australia is home to sandy soils, these soils are famous for being hydrophobic, meaning they do not absorb water, and they can stress your plants.
  • When transplanting, you will need a good wetting agent. Wetting agents can be found in your local home improvement store, they can come in granular, peat based and there are also liquids, like Seasol.
  • Plant your plant into your chosen location, make sure you fill in half of the base of the plant and water in the wetting agent around your roots. This will not only wash in the soil, but it also gets into the roots, giving your plant the best possible start.
  • Grab the hose after you’ve applied your wetting agent and spray the ground until the water froths and bubbles, this activates the wetting agent.
  • Applying your wetting agent during summer is too late, apply it in late autumn and late spring and your soil will absorb moisture evenly.