The Magic of Mulch

Episode: 6
Title: The Magic of Mulch
Broadcast: 18th April
Presenter: Chris

Many people underestimate the value of mulch and how essential it is to maintain a healthy garden. Chris shows how mulch benefits his native and edible gardens.

  • Although the native plants are designed to look after themselves, the first two years require them to be surrounded by good quality woody mulch.

  • The mulch will act as a coolant so that the native plants will endure the relentless summers.

  • For vegetable beds and fruit trees, they’ll need a feeding mulch to rapidly feed the soil, this type of mulch will need to be topped up frequently.

  • High fire risk areas require permanent mulch. Course gravel, pebbles and stones all work as great permanent mulch.

  • Although it may seem ideal, lawn clippings are better off to go into a compost heap.