Making your Microbes work for you

Story Title: Making your Microbes work for you
Episode: 8
Broadcast Date: 11th May 2013
Presenter: Melissa King

Mel uses a fertiliser that doesn't just feed the plants, it takes care of the soil too.

Microbe Facts

  • Australian Made by an Australian owned company using Australian cultured microbes Troforte fertiliser is developed specifically for Australian Soils
  • Embedded in the fertiliser's protective coating are over 28 different strains of beneficial microbes
  • Microbes are vital to the health of our gardens like decomposing organic matter, improving soil structure and building nutrients, even taking nitrogen out of the air and supplying it to plants
  • The all purpose Troforte blend is an all-in-one fertiliser that's even suitable for natives
  • The microbes are activated with water, so don't forget to water your garden after application

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