Energy Audit

Story Title: Energy Audit
Episode: 4
Date: 29 January 2011
Presenter: Anne Armansin and Kim Syrus

Reducing your energy bill can be a lot easier than you think, by simply conducting an energy audit to monitor your energy consumption. Anne and Kim pop into a friend's house to help her out with a spiraling energy bill.

Anne's Tips and Facts

  • Want to save energy at home but don't know where to begin?
  • By simply walking around the house you can creat your own energy audit to which appliances are naughty or nice.
  • Start outside and then go inside checking compliance plates and making a list;
    • Hot Water System average consumption 25% bill
    • Reverse cycle air conditioner up to 50% bill
    • Lots of refrigeration lots of energy consumption
    • Lighting usually about 8 10% of bill
    • Laundry around 10%
  • Discuss consumption habits of homeowner and compare to estimated average household.
  • Make some calculations (using computer) / check against bills (if possible).
  • Offer energy efficiency or new purchase advice and estimations of savings.
  • Check out the Top Ten energy saving tips for your home.

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