What to Do This Week in WA

Story Title: What to Do This Week in WA
Episode:  7
Broadcast Date: 13/4/14
Presenter: Trevor

Are you wondering what you should be doing in a WA garden this week? Grab a note pad… there’s a lot of things you can do now that will deliver terrific results and great crops in your garden.

  • Applying a faster release plant food at the moment will help push strong growth and support it. You need to use a plant food that has a rich source of trace elements particularly the ones we lack in WA like Iron and Magnesium, both critically important to a plants general health.  They encourage strong green foliage growth and healthy plants.
  • Mulching is something you have to do now, apply mulch and you will smother out weed seeds that emerge as the first winter rains arrive.  A nice thick layer of mulch will smother weeds out, if you have really bad weed problems through winter, then a layer of newspaper wet down and the mulch spread over it should ensure no new weed growth.
  • Trevor recently did some trials on the depth of mulch to stop weeds; we are always recommending 50 to 100mm but when it comes to weed seed germination suppression, then you need to lay 100mm, at that depth weeds will not re-emerge.
  • Speaking of weeds.. if you’ve already got them and your going to mulch do this… a three prong cultivator would be the handiest tool a gardener can have, will turn the soil over which is great for general soil health, it also buries weed seeds and seedlings reducing your weeding needs..
  • In poor quality soils adding soil conditioner and clay in sandy soils is a game changer. The improvement in the soil is permanent when your using this clay product… its local and all clays are not the same in my experience, this has silt and rock minerals ensuring super strong growth right from the beginning.
  • Now is a great time to take cuttings of plants. Trevor had one straggly Goji berry and he’s cut back the stems and taken cuttings and within just a couple of weeks they have dropped roots. There are so many plants that grow well like this including Citrus, gardenia’s and herbs like rosemary and thyme.

Contact: Baileys