Functional Art in Your Garden

Story Title: Functional Art in Your Garden
Episode: One
Broadcast Date: 17th August 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Wall gardens are certainly the 'in-vogue' item of the gardening world at the moment; the problem is for the average gardener they are just too expensive, with systems costing upwards of $2000. Luckily Trevor has found a new product that won't break the bank.

Inexpensive Wall Art

  1. A new modern vertical kit system that can be installed in just under 30 minutes has been released and it's appropriately called Greenwall
  2.  Each kit costs under $100 and is brilliantly designed with its own easy to install irrigation system built in
  3. The biggest trick to success with this system is using a special potting mix. Home gardeners have used Coco Peat as a potting mix for many years because of its highly absorbent nature, meaning it keeps moisture around the roots longer. You have to activate it with microbes and provide nutrient, adding Troforte to the expanded Coco Peat is vitally important. Plant your seedlings or herb pots into this mix into each pot and water them in with Seasol to get them settled and avoid transplant shock
  4. The Greenwall is only available from Bunnings, to find your nearest store click here