What to do in the garden this week in WA

Title: What to do in the garden this week in WA
Episode: 9
Broadcast: 27/4/14
Presenter: Trevor

This is a great time of the year to garden in WA; our weather is superb and as moisture levels improve in the soil plants take off. Here’s what Trevor recommends you do this week in the vegie patch.

  • Firstly, plants like goji berries have one last spurt of growth ahead and they will produce more fruit right until June, so boosting them with a feed of Energy For Gardens will see rapid growth.
  • It’s also a good idea to trim goji’s now to encourage side growth and bushiness.
  • This is the time of the year to establish a vegie garden and if you want a great soil, grab a bag of soil improver (make sure it's the premium sort that meets the Australian Standard, though!).
  • This is also the time for old vegies to be placed in a compost bin that is heat composted. You can speed the composting process by adding stale bread to the mix; the bluer the bread the faster the break down in ideal conditions.
  • Worm farms are another great idea and a source of natural nutrients too. Keep your worms fed with small amounts daily and never let them dry out.
  • Worms in a garden bed are great recyclers but in a worm farm there’s a lot of competition. The castings make a great soil improver and liquid diluted at 1 in 10 is a terrific liquid plant food, ideal for seedlings.
  • Mulching is also vitally important now. In dry soils add some wetting agent and then a layer of top quality mulch 100mm deep over the top of the soil. Make sure you use a fully composted top quality coarse grade mulch, this smothers weeds, reduces evaporation and keeps your plants roots moist longer meaning better growth results.