Story Title: Lighting
Episode: 2
Date: 15 January 2011
Presenter: Anne Armansin and Kim Syrus

Lighting is responsible for around 10% of the average family's power bill, however in some homes it can be even higher. Anne and Kim feature how to get the best out of your home lighting.

Lighting Tips

  • Due to the government's phase out scheme, incandescent lights are pretty scarce.These lights use 135 year old technology and throw out tremendous heat as well as light.
  • You can save a lot of energy and money by using new lighting technology. For example;
    • Garden LED.
    • Halogen downlight Osram 35W.
    • Nursery night lights.
  • Compact Fluroescent alternatives are now available for all types of lighting.
    • Available in the three colours, warm, cool and natural.
    • Available in a range of sizes to suit your fittings.
    • Available with the type of base you need to suit your fitting, small or standard; bayonet or Edison screw.
    • Dimmable options.
  • Incandescent globes have an estimate life of between 1000 hours 2500 hours.
  • CFLs have an estimated life of between 5000 15000 hours.

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