Diggers Club and Heronswood Gardens

Episode: 6
Title: Diggers Club and Heronswood Gardens
Broadcast: 27 September
Presenter: Brooke Hallett

Heronswood is one of the most iconic and beautiful gardens in Australia. It is a gorgeous property overlooking Port Phillip Bay on the Mornington Peninsula.

  • Heronswood is the home of Australia’s largest gardening groups, the Diggers Club.
  • The Diggers Club was created in 1978 by Clive and Penny Blazey and it is still going very strong today.
  • The purpose behind the Diggers Club was to rescue the wonderful old varieties such as Scarlet Runner Beans  that commercial companies were dropping of their lists.
  • Many people believe that the name “Diggers Club” came from digging in the soil, but in fact it actually came from one of their original members who was a 92 year old digger. The Funny thing was, that he was said to be more attached to a rifle than a shovel.
  • Heronswood is a living catalogue of old heirloom varieties of vegetables and tough flowering plants. It consists of acres full of all different types of gardens from dry succulent gardens, to beautiful old trees and lawns with numerous veggie gardens and perennial flowering borders.
  • The heritage listed house that is on the property was built in 1864 and still and still to this day has the same shingled roof that was originally built on the cottage 150 years ago.