Osmocote Fertiliser

Episode: 4
Title: Osmocote Fertiliser
Broadcast: 4th April
Presenter: Trevor

Osmocote is a name synonymous with professional plant care; Trevor shows how this unique controlled plant food from Scotts has revolutionised gardening.

  • Osmocote controlled release fertilisers became available in garden centres since the early 1980’s.

  • Osmocote’s steady release of nutrients, in small quantities everyday, has made it the preferred choice amongst professional nurserymen. Mixed into potting mix; it is activated by temperature and moisture to deliver the best possible growth results.

  • Because it is a controlled release fertiliser, you will be using less of it which means you’ll save money. It doesn’t overfeed your plants, and because of the small quantities they get everyday, it’s also hard to underfeed them too.

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