Seasol Frost

Episode: 9
Title: Seasol Frost
Broadcast: 9th May
Presenter: Melissa King

Melissa uses Seasol to protect her plants from frost damage.

  • Trials have shown, in vines, that Seasol actually lowers the temperature at which plant cells freeze, so Seasol treated plants can stand up to frosty conditions.
  • Planning is the key – don’t suddenly apply Seasol when a frosty night is forecast, you need to condition your plants first and give them regular doses of Seasol at least two months before a frost, and ideally, within a week or two during the frost.
  • You can help prevent frost damage by carefully positioning plants to avoid frost pockets, irrigating the day before a forecast frost or physically shielding them – but you can also help to protect your plants from the inside out with Seasol.

Contact: Seasol - +61 3 9729 6511