Last Minute Tomato Growing

Story Title: Last Minute Tomato Growing
Episode: Five
Date: 3rd April 2010
Trevor Cochrane

This weekend is your last chance to set up some tomatoes in the garden to deliver you an autumn early winter crop.


  • You should be able to pick tomatoes until late June/July in most places and the warmer it is the longer they will fruit. Tomatoes produced in May, June and July represent the best value as market prices are at their peak.
  • Plant now into a coco peat bed in the garden where you intend to grow them. Don't be scared to seed direct into soil. As long as soil moisture is consistent and snails and slugs are kept at bay you'll be right.
  • The seeds will germinate in a week and after three weeks feed them weekly with a gentle plant food and tonic.
  • Cherry tomatoes will produce fruit in roughly 60 days from germination. Bigger fruiting forms like beef steak take about 80 days.
  • Trevor planted Heirloom tomato seeds from The Lost Seed and from Eden Seeds which are available in select garden centres.

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