Dividing your plants

Episode: 9
Title: Dividing your plants
Broadcast: 9th May
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Kim shows how you can fill those bare spots in the garden by dividing your plants and saving your money.

  • Clumping plants with a tuberous or rhizome root system are very useful for digging and dividing.
  • Dieties can become weeds if left to grow unchecked however; they make quick, low thick shrubs.
  • To divide a plant, pull it onto its side, exposing its roots, and then cut it into two. Avoid cutting it into two smaller pieces; you want to leave clumps with reasonable sized root systems.
  • You get the best results when you make the cleanest of cuts. Grab a knife or snips, cut through the rhizome, leaving a good amount of roots and top growth.