Shirley's Herbs

Story Title: Shirley's Herbs
Episode: Six
Broadcast Date: 21st October 2012
Presenter: Shirley Bovshow

It's spring and there is nothing better when you're cooking up a storm in the kitchen to be able to run outside and quickly cut off some parsley or coriander to make your dish spectacular!

Shirley's top herbs

  • Did you know you could make rosemary martinis? Well, turns out this is just one of the great uses of having this herb in your garden. Click here for the recipe.
  • Mint has the tendency to explode when planted in the ground, so pop this one in a pot in order to contain it!
  • Trim your herb plants at least once a week and this will ensure strong new growth. This shouldn't be too hard if you make a conscious effort to include at least one fresh herb in your dinner meal each night… yum!