Maintaining Your Pool Equipment

Story Title: Maintaining Your Pool Equipment
Episode: Two
Broadcast Date: 24th August 2013
Presenter: Matt Leacy

Winter is just as important as summer when it comes to pool maintenance. This is the time to ensure your pool equipment is serviced and running in time for the coming warmer months. Matt is here to tell you that 10 minutes is all that's needed to keep your pool clean.

Maintenance Tips

  • Checking water chemical balance is one of the most important things to do. Testing the water yourself with test strips is a quick process and will tell you whether or not you need to add more product, or take a sample to your local PoolWerx store for a more comprehensive and accurate test
  • Staying on top of the small things has a big impact long term such as emptying the skimmer baskets regularly and replacing if damaged and making sure that the pump is running correctly so water flow through the system is maintained
  • Check that your filters are cleaned regularly in order to avoid filtering dirty water through a dirty filter
  • Winter means the pool is used less so while your pool is out of action, adding a winter algaecide will keep your pool algae free