Functioning Flowers

Story Title: Functioning Flowers
Episode: Two
Broadcast Date: 24th August 2013
Presenter: Chloe Thomson

Do you like practical, easy care and functional gardening? Do you think everything you grow should have more than one purpose? Chloe's going to show you a simple containerology idea that takes potted flowers to another level.

Flowers don't just look and smell pretty!

  • Decor pots come in many different looks - like the classically shaped Roman style. It has a terracotta style without the added weight so the pots are easy to move even when full
  • The self-watering pots remove the hassle of remembering to water daily. Décor products are Australian owned and made so they know reducing the time you spend watering is handy, especially during those hot summer months
  • Chloe's list of edible flowers include crushed lavender (add to scones for a soft floral look) and the marigold (add a few petals for a citrus kick to your salad)
  • Viola flowers are great once sugared for cake decorations
  • Keep in mind edible flowers are only recommended if you've grown them yourself. Flowers grown for the floristry market have probably been sprayed with pesticides or fungicides - you don't want to be eating those!
  • Fragrant flowers are wonderful companions for your garden, but if you can't see yourself eating flowers and would like to create a functional flower pot try planting some flowering natives like the compact “Mini Red” attracting beneficial birds, insects and bees
  • Boost your flowering potential with a monthly application of a fish concentrated liquid, which will stimulate growth, help break down organic matter and release soil nutrients
  • The Décor Self-Watering range is available in Australia from your (from your local Bunnings store)local Bunnings store


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