Spring Garden Boost time

Episode: 2
Title: Spring Garden Boost Time
Broadcast: 30 August
Presenter: Trevor

What do you need to do at the moment that would make the world of difference to the quality of your garden this spring and summer? Easy; feed your garden. Plants have to be fed in a home garden environment and a spring feed is the most important. It doesn’t matter what type of plants you grow, natives, exotics, cacti or Trees. But what food you use can make the world of difference to the results you get.

  • A plant’s diet is complex, just like ours, if they are missing certain trace elements they can be susceptible to deficiencies and the ramifications of that can be disease, pest infestations and fungal problems…
  • The proof is in the (banana) pudding when it comes to the difference between well fed, and not so well fed plants in the garden. Trevor has two banana trees-one was steadily fed with Troforte, and the other was not. The Troforte-fed banana is already producing in it’s first year-unheard of!
  • What makes the Troforte M work so well is its complexity of nutrients, over 60 micro and macro nutrients, which are released through a controlled release action over 4 to 6 months depending upon what type of plants you have.
  • Fast lease action granular plant foods can he harsh on the environment and deplete the soils nutrition and general health. Plants eat just like us.. small amounts every day.. if you overfeed they can be too soft and susceptible to pest attack, too little and they lack vigor and that lush healthy look.
  • There’s a different blend available for different plants including a slow release lawn food, a specialist fruit food, a vegie and herb blend along with the general, which is brilliant for all garden types, including native plants.
  • Troforte M has 24 to 30 native beneficial microbes encrusted over each prill boosting the healthy microbial life in your soil.
  • This is what makes Troforte M so good for gardens, its completely unique, there’s nothing like it and best of all it's a local product developed and made right here in Australia.

Contact: Troforte- (08) 9302 1633