Ellerslie Flower Show – Christchurch the City

Story Title: Ellerslie Flower Show – Christchurch the City
Episode: One
Broadcast Date: 23rd March 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Kim Syrus

Trevor and Kim have returned to the Ellerslie Flower show to be blown away again by the amazing exhibits. They also check in with Christchurch to see how the rebuild is going after the earthquake

Rebuilding one recycled piece at a time

  • In 2011 a devastating earthquake destroyed the central area of Christchurch and damaged 1440 buildings so severely that they had to be demolished
  • The Christchurch city council has announced that Christchurch will be built as a "city in a garden" with an estimated cost of NZ$2 billion. The size of the city's business district will be reduced, giving much more space over to parkland. In addition, the height of buildings will be limited to 7 floors in the city centre.
  • Mayor Bob Parker has a vision to make it the safest city in the world with all the dangerous buildings having been demolished as part of the re-build
  • The cardboard cathedral and shipping container shopping district are two ‘must see' elements of a city that is dedicated to rebuilding in a truly unique fashion

Ellerslie Flower Show