All in One

Story Title: All in One
Episode: Nine
Broadcast Date: 19/10/2013
Presenter: Chloe Thomson

Turning on your hose can sometimes turn into a disaster! How many times has a simple task turned into a trip to the store in wet clothes to replace that poorly connected hose fitting? Luckily Chloe is here to show you the perfect hose for spring that will leave you dry and your hose connected to the tap, as it should be.

No More Loose Fittings

  • The Permi fit hose is an all in one. The fitting is crimped on at the factory to avoid leaks and burst off. The join can withstand high pressure or excessive pulling so there's no need to undo and tighten loose fittings
  • If the hose out lasts the old fitting simply cut off the old one and replace with a new connector
  • The True Blue garden hose and fittings are both UV treated and comes with reinforced bradding for extra durability
  • The Tricoflex is tap ready, which is great for all round garden use. It comes with plastic perma fittings is UV treated and a medium duty hose
  • The Premium Pope Hose is high performance and comes with brass fittings and a heavy-duty garden hose. The hose comes with a reinforced wall, a kink resistant rating of 7, a universal tap adapter and guarantee of 15 years
  • Pope Hose products are available from Bunnings, to find your nearest store click here

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