Soil protection with Baileys Moister Mulch

Episode: 6
Title: Soil protection with Baileys Moister Mulch
Broadcast: 27 September
Presenter: Darren

Top quality soil is vital to all gardening situations as it provides food for all plant life. Baileys Moisture Mulch provides a cover of organic material to protect, maintain and nourish this crucial thin layer of soil.

  • Bailey’s Moisture Mulch is suitable for all garden beds, new plantings, pots and planters and for all landscaping.
  • Assists your garden through stressful summer months by keeping it cool, reducing evaporation and increasing retention.
  • Made to Australian Standards Mark 4454.
  • Smart Approved and Water wise Approved Product.
  • Suppresses weeds.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, it looks great!
  • Improves soil fertility.
Contact: Baileys 08 9439 1688