Italian Elegance without the Clay

Story Title: Italian Elegance without the Clay
Episode: Five
Broadcast Date: 21st September 2013
Presenter: Chloe Thomson

If you want to bring a touch of Italian elegance to your garden or patio, then this week's containerology lesson is for you. Using the Four Seasons range from Décor, Chloe shows you why using a terracotta look will benefit your plants without losing the glamorous look of terracotta.

Viva Italia

  • For a touch of Tuscany try using flowers such as marigolds and Verbena. These flowers work well in pots and on balconies and will provided a bright flower throughout spring and summer
  • Traditional terracotta pots can dry out plants by taking the moisture from the soil. For a similar look with more benefits try using the Four Seasons range from Décor.
  • These pots come double rimmed giving the appearance of being thick and solid making them strong but at the same time are extremely light weight
  • The pots have a self – watering well which means these pots have a raised floor allowing extra water to soak through ensuring the plants remain moist for days
  • Reduce transplant shock of any new plant by soaking the punnets or pots in a dilution of Seasol
  • The Décor Self-Watering range is available in Australia from your local Bunnings store


Four Seasons Range