What to do this week in WA

Episode: 11
Title: What to do this Week in WA
Broadcast: 11/5/14
Presenter: Trevor

It’s nearly winter time-some of your plants will be going dormant, while others will spring into life! Here is what to do in your WA garden this weekend.

  • If you are lucky enough to have trees that are dropping their leaves (that’s right-I said lucky!), collect them and they will make a great compost-mix them with lawn clippings and chicken manure and let it break down over winter.
  • Your grass can grow as long as possible throughout winter if you feed it now with a great lawn fertilizer. It will discourage the growth of weeds and stop them taking hold during the winter months.
  • Start a vegie garden, or, if you already have one, reinvigorate the soil now; add clay and compost and plant into a top quality soil improver.
  • The month to plant in WA is NOW-May!! So make sure your hole is three to four times the width of the plant going in, and then make sure you can cover the top of the root bed firmly into the soil. Create a bowl-like effect so the water can run straight to the base of the plant and, come December, your plants will be looking great.
  • Now is the time to buy bare-rooted roses and make sure you get them growing on fortuniana rootstock.
  • Check out Guilford Garden center’s website for a great range of plants you can grow in the garden right now, and plants you can pre-order so they are ready of pick up and planting in June; http://guildfordgardencentre.com.au