A lush lawn with Seasol

Episode: 3
Title: A lush lawn with Seasol
Broadcast: 6 September
Presenter: Kim

For all those that have a piece of turf in their garden, whether it’s big or small, doesn’t a lush green patch of grass look sooo good? It just lifts the rest of the yard. And if you are growing grass, the aim is to have it looking its very best. As we head into spring, we also head into the best time to get our lawns right. As the days get warmer, running grass such as couch, buffalo, and kikuyu really start to take off. Hers to keep your lawn looking its best.

  • Time to adjust the height of the mower to a lower setting to keep the lawn in check. One thing we often forget about lawns is they are not just one plant.
  • To keep the lawn producing more and more lush growth we need to apply a regular feed. There are plenty of ways to fertilize your lawn, by spreading with hand or applicator or by giving it a simple click. Seasol for Lush Green Lawns is a liquid fertiliser and health treatment for all types of lawns and comes in a 9 litre container specially formulated for hose end application. Shake Well. Remove the pins from the top of spray nozzle. Turn the tap to a low to medium pressure and you are ready to go.
  •  Seasol for Lush Green Lawns is a superior health treatment and liquid fertiliser that combines the benefits of the Seasol seaweed solution we all know and love with a specially formulated nutrient mix, trace elements, concentrated liquid composts and a wetting agent.
  • It feeds and revitalises your lawn, but also conditions the soil, by stimulating soil microbes which in turn increase soil friability and the soils ability to hold valuable nutrients.
  • The added wetting agent in this soluble fertilizer, makes sure that valuable water and nutrients can penetrate the root system,.
  •  As with other Seasol products, regular applications will help reduce stress from heat, drought, frost and in a lawns case, constant foot traffic. It’s a fast-acting soluble formulation, so you’ll see results in no time.
  • If you have a small area, then grab a watering can and dilute the liquid at the rate of 100 ml per 9L of water for the same fast acting effect.

Contact: Seasol- 3 9729 6511 http://www.seasol.com.au