Hose End Sprinklers

Story Title: Hose End Sprinklers
Episode: 8
Date: 30th October 2010
Presenter: Neville Passmore

Neville has a range of cheap and cheerful sprays spike or base mounted sprinklers for your garden; so it never gets thirsty.

Butterfly Sprinkler

  • A very basic unit is the spike onto which you can mount a butterfly sprinkler or a knocker type.
  • The butterfly will give you a spread of up to 10 metres this knocker will extend that to a maximum of 25metres.

Pull Along Spray

  • These have brass fitting and they are more expensive than plastic but last for years in the worst garden conditions. It sends up a V shaped spray pattern and can easily be moved from spot to spot by simply pulling it along.
  • This three arm model comes with a sled and allow you to change the spread. One hint; you need to have all the arms facing the same way to turn.

Oscillating Sprinkler

  • Delivers water in a pattern which means you can evenly deliver water to a square or rectangular area
  • Once again there are plenty of setting here to perfectly match the job.


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