Plants from Darwin

Story Title: Plants from Darwin
Episode: Ten
Date: May 8th 2010
Presenter:  Trevor Cochrane

Darwin is hosting this year's nursery and garden industry conference. Trevor highlights some of the best plants originating from Darwin.

Featured Plants

  • The Blue Bismarck is a blue foliaged fan palm. This grows in southern states quite successfully although it's better to start with large plants.
  • Cuban royal palm which is one of the most magnificent avenue palms. It looks sensational planted in avenues and will grow successfully in Sydney North, and Perth North.
  • The Foxtail is a stunning native that grows almost everywhere in Australia north and south. It's a very tough palm and whilst it's great solitary, it is much better when planted in clusters and looks brilliant near water features like pools.
  • The Sacred Lily of the Inca's is used in subtropical or tropical landscapes, places like Darwin and Singapore where it's mass planted. The flowers are amazing and produced throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn. It is incredibly hardy right across Australia including Tasmania. It's a really beautiful addition to any garden but definitely one you have to seek out at present as it's not common in garden centres in the south.


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