Establishing Village Green Turf

Story Title: Establishing Village Green Turf
Episode: Nine
Date: May 1st 2010
Presenter: Neville Passmore

Village Green is an ideal lawn for the active family. Neville shows how easy it is to establish.

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Village Green Turf

  • When choosing a lawn for your garden, it is important to get the right variety; the one that suits your climate, soil type, family needs and your lifestyle. Village Green is a very versatile grass- it will grow in full sun to partial shade, frost prone areas and all soil types.
  • After selecting the variety, you need to put organic matter into the soil no matter whether its sand or clay, to create a bed for the grass that will encourage microbe activity, effective water movement and get the roots into top gear.
  • Village Green has a deep and extensive root system which enables it to extract water and nutrients very efficiently.
  • Village Green has specialized below ground stems called rhizomes that act as a food store. This means that Village Green requires less fertiliser and has the capacity to recover from damage and wear. This results in a lawn that stays green for longer under water restrictions or drought.
  • Village Green continues to grow during the winter months which mean it maintains its colour, recovers from wear and keeps weeds out.
  • The benefit of establishing a lawn in the cool of winter is that you need a lot less water to get your grass started than say a buffalo or couch which need to be planted when its warm because when it turns cold they go to sleep.
  • Village Green rolls are light, hold together well and are easy to lay.
  • In summer, actively growing Village Green can lower the surface temperature by up to 20 degrees when compared to bare soil or artificial grass.



Village Green Suppliers

Greenacres Turf Farm
Lot 503 Henderson Rd, Serpentine, WA, 6125
p: 1300 733 080
f: (08) 9525 2469

Down South Turf
207 Wannerup South Road, Busselton, WA, 6280
P.O Box 703 Busselton 6280
p: (08) 9753 3282
f: (08) 9753 3282

West Coast Turf
Lot 21 Chitna Rd, Gingin, WA, 6503
p: (08) 9575 7520
f: (08) 9575 7641

Bullsbrook Turf Supplies
Lot 1 Cooper Rd, Bullsbrook, WA, 6084
p: (08) 9571 1275
f: (08) 9571 1275



ANCO Seed & Turf
156 Latrobe Tce, Geelong West, Vic 3218
1800 010 110
p: (03) 5223 1855
f: (03) 5223 2141
Cranbourne West
950 Western Port Hwy, Cranbourne West
p: 1800 010 110
f: (03) 9782 2501

Lilydale Instant Lawn
30 Bottings Lane, P.O Box 200, Yarra Glen, Vic 3775
p: (03) 9730 1128
f: (03) 9730 1601

StrathAyr Pty Ltd
88 Ekberg Rd, P.O. Box 267, Seymour, Victoria, 3661
p: Freecall 1800 622 455 or (03) 9535 4122
f: (03) 5735 4133


Tarcoola Turf
Hammond Avenue, Wagga Wagga,
NSW 2650
p: (02) 6921 5403

M. Collins & Sons (contractors) Pty Ltd
17 Fitzpatrick St
Revesby NSW 2212
p: (02) 9774 1544
f: (02) 9792 1532