Feeding The Garden

Title: Feeding The Garden
Episode: 8
Date: 30th October 2010
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Rose season is about to hit and now is the time to apply nutrients so the flower display can be sustained for a long period.

Osmocote Plus Trace Elements (Range Story inc. Environmental Credentials Roses, Gardenias, 1kg)

Key Features

  • Did you know? Professional growers demand fertilizers that only deliver nutrients, as the plant requires them and they recapture all water from the nursery to avoid nutrient leaching into waterways.
  • Did you know that with conventional fertilisers as much as 75% of the nutrients are NOT absorbed by plants
  • Osmocote has a coating made from soya bean and linseed oil that controls the release of nutrients according to soil temperature and ensures there is no excess dumped into the environment. It feeds your plants less in winter and more in active growing periods.
  • Osmocote contains a wetting agent to promote water retention in your soil and encourage deep, healthy roots.
  • Osmocote has been formulated now with extra trace elements and specialized nutrient blends to deliver specific plant types the right amount of food when they need it. There's a whole range of different blends available.
  • Fact; Osmocote prills are coated with soy coatings and broken down by bacteria which are more active in warm moist conditions and less active in cooler weather.

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