Keeping Citrus looking Royal with Eco-Oil

Episode: 8
Title: Keeping Citrus looking Royal with Eco-Oil
Broadcast: 11th October
Presenter: Trevor

  • How do you keep citrus looking good? Keeping citrus clean of bugs like aphids, mites, scale and citrus leaf minor – that’s the bug that contorts new foliage, it’s really important.
  • The best approach is being proactive, don’t wait till you have a serious problem before taking a preventative action.
  • Eco Oil is a certified organic and because its not a petroleum based horticultural oil it has no withholding period, this means you can spray with it and harvest the same day.
  • It’s safe for beneficial insects, it has this Hippo enhanced additive that actually attracts beneficial insects who will control any pests you may have missed or who arrive in the days after treatment.
  • Keep an eye out for lady birds, Lacewings and hoverflies, they’re bugs you do want in your garden, it is also safe for bees!

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