Tree Guru - Wes Fleming

Story Title: Tree Guru
Episode: 1
Broadcast Date: 2/3/2014
Presenter: Wes Fleming

Australian childcare centers feature very little-to-no outdoor garden environment.

And we want to change that.

Child Play

  • Early observations have shown babies and children are not only more active they use more movements and have more engaged play in their ‘natural environments’ than they did before.
  • Find or buy wood logs to use for cheap yet effective kids seating and if you’re strapped for space use weeping trees for canopy cover
  • Rocks and sandpits can be incorporated naturally and later filled in as a garden bed or herb box when the kids are older.
  • Repotting is one of the most important things a gardener can do now. If your plant hasn’t been repotted in the past two years, do it this weekend.
  • Playing in challenging natural surrounds improves children’s confidence and aids natural curiosity helping them to learn more about the world around them check out Flemings Top 10 Trees.