Brilliant work with Baileys Brilliance

Episode: 3
Title: Brilliant work with Baileys Brilliance
Broadcast: 6 September
Presenter: Darren

It’s not unusual for lawns to be looking a bit drab by the end of winter; the rain and cold weather quite literally washes the life out them, with the arrival of the warmer spring weather now is the ideal time feed your lawn, do it right and you’ll be amazed by how quickly it bounces back to being that lush, thick and vibrant green lawn you remember from last summer!

  • Choosing a top quality lawn fertilizer is not difficult, look at the ingredients list and make sure it has a well balanced range of nutrients, that way you lawn will be getting a complete feed and will then produce growth that is healthy and sustainable.
  • Baileys makes a fertilizer that is also phosphate free making it safer to use around waterways and ponds and better, overall, for the environment.
  • It is important to apply lawn fertilizer at the correct rate and the correct frequency. Like us lawns like to be feed small amounts regularly, too much too quickly is really not healthy and too little is just as bad.
  • Check the application rate on the bag, in this case 50 grams per square meter, and if possible apply with fertilizer spreader, it’s a lot more accurate!
  • For most lawns a feed every 6 to 8 weeks, from the start of spring till the end of autumn, is ideal.

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