Tasty Kitchen Helpers

Story Title: Tasty Kitchen Helpers
Episode: One
Broadcast Date: 17th August 2013
Presenter: Chloe Thomson

Chloe loves the fragrance and freshness of home grown herbs in her cooking and it makes sense to have them growing in easy reach of the kitchen! Not just because it makes them easier to pick as you need them but Chloe finds that herbs grown in pots in or near the house get a bit more TLC because she sees them every day.

Creating Your Own Edible Pots

  • What herbs you select should depend on your tastes and cooking styles. By grouping your herbs according to their uses; you can easily find everything you need for a dish in the one place or have the pot right on hand in the kitchen while you are cooking
  • Successfully growing in pots starts with a good foundation of pot selection and top quality potting mix
  • Once you've finished planting, settle your new herbs in with a dose of Seasol and water in
  • Regularly harvest your herbs to promote more growth and give your herbs a fortnightly dose of liquid fertiliser
  • The Décor self-watering range of pots that Chloe uses are available from your local Bunnings store, to find your nearest store click here

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