Perennial Boarders

Episode: 8
Title: Perennial Boarders
Broadcast: 2nd May
Presenter: Melissa King

Melissa explains how the Perennial Boarder keeps a garden looking beautiful throughout the seasons.

  • The Perennial Boarder has been around for centuries and is popular amongst the grandest of English gardens.

  • A well-designed Perennial Boarder provides colour from spring until autumn.

  • Salvias are an excellent plant that can bridge the between late summer and autumn, they can thrive with little water.

  • Dahlias provide a more welcomed splash of colour, the dwarf bishop of llandaff features scarlet flowers with rich dark foliage.

  • The Perennial Boarder prefers plants that are not good for their individual qualities, but for their contribution to the overall composition. The plants are also staggered with shorter plants at the front and taller plants at the back.