Seasol Powerfeed Red

Episode: 6
Title: Seasol Powerfeed Red
Broadcast: 18th April
Presenter: Melissa

Growing our vegetables can be quite trialing as they need to be given a regular feed. Mel gives her vegetable plants a good drink of Seasol Powerfeed for veggies to boost their growth and flavour.

  • Seasol Powerfeed for Veggies is tailor-made for the vegie garden. It consists of fish, highly soluble nutrients and liquid composts but it’s specifically formulated for vegetables.

  • Seasol Powerfeed for Veggies has an excellent ratio of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

  • Trials on tomatoes and capsicums have shown that crops treated with Powerfeed for Veggies more foliage and significantly more produce, even in premium potting mixes that already contain a broad range of nutrients.

  • Seasol Powerfeed for Veggies is a liquid that mixes with water, you only need to apply it in small amounts every day, while your plant absorbs it quickly, yielding fast acting and tasty results.

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