Gutter Protection

Story Title: Gutter Protection
Episode: Seven
Broadcast Date: 19th May 2012
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The change of season brings a gutters worst nightmare, leaf litter. Trevor shows you a great new product to protect your gutters from being clogged by debris.

Tips for Gutter Maintenance

  • Gutter protectors can be an incredibly expensive and elaborate purchase that may not necessarily work, that is until Whites Outdoor came along.
  • Whites Outdoor is a family owned Australian company who has come up with a great, easy to install solution that frees your gutters of leaf litter.
  • The stay mesh ultra gutter strips are made of a UV treated high quality plastic and come in one-metre lengths. The strips flex into the gaps between the roof and the gutters edge.


Whites Outdoor
P: (02) 8602 0066