Osmocote Plus Organic Herb and Veg

Title: Osmocote Plus Organic Herb and Veg
Presenter: Kim
Episode: 5
Date: 30/3/2014

If you want to know exactly what you are eating, exactly where it came from, and to ensure your food is chemical free, you should join the gardening revolution and grow your food at home. Having your own vegie patch-or veggie pot!- is not as hard as you think, and Kim Syrus tells us why.

  • Start by paying a visit to your local garden store-choose a few great plants you know-some lettuce perhaps, and something you don’t, like Kim’s choice- mint chocolate!
  • Remember-most veggies are a short term crop-meaning they only produce their best for a few months. This also means you have to get them planted and established as soon as you can
  • By choosing a pot big enough to take a large bag of potting mix, you are setting yourself up with plant growing soil for at least a year
  • Planting your veggies in a potting mix with a controlled release fertilizer is ideal-it will nourish them and all you have to do in add it to the pot!