Sunny Creek Organics

Title: Sunny Creek Organics
Episode: 9
Broadcast: 27/4/14
Presenter: Kim

Do you love nothing more than spreading some delicious jam on your toast in the morning? Does the healthy, flavorsome taste of strawberry, blackberry and raspberry just make your day? If it does, then Sunny Creek Organics might just be the place for you, join Kim has he checks the place out, and find out how you can get their delicious produce delivered straight to your door, for free!

  • Phil Rowe has been hard at work at his farm for over 30 years
  • Phil and Cathy have never used herbicide or fungicide on any of their crops
  • Blackberries, strawberries and red and yellow raspberries are in abundance in the autumn time
  • Head online to to check them out.