Snowy River Station

Title: Snowy River Station
Presenter: Kim
Episode: 5
Date: 30/3/2014

When you think of a farm in Australia you generally think of plant filled paddocks, lines of fences and maybe mobs of sheep. What you probably wouldn’t imagine is an open, coastal stretch of land in Corringle Victoria. That, however, is exactly what Gabriella French’s farm is. Her crop, you may ask? Well, seaweed, of course!!! Kim explores Snowy River Station and learns about the many health benefits of Seaweed, and how you can have it delivered right to your door.

  • Gabrielle grows a few different types of seaweed at her farm, some of which are Samphire, Seagrass, sea spaghetti and Sea bananas
  • There are a range of health benefits associated with seaweed; it is so chock full of goodness that it was once a staple on the long boat journey between England and Australia to ensure the deadly scurvy wouldn’t take hold.
  • The seaweed are grown in a combination of salt and fresh water
  • The seaweed grown on the farm can be eaten raw in salads, steamed or blanched, they can even be eaten as part of a good old omelet or with scrambled eggs.