Fabulous Fruit

Story Title: Fabulous Fruit
Episode: Two
Broadcast Date: 24th August 2013
Presenter: Chloe Thomson

It's time to get your citrus and fruit trees planted out and ready for a delicious season of fruit salads. Chloe shows you the best way to get a plentiful harvest.

Fertilise Around The Drip Line

  • The drip line is the outer most edge of the trees canopy, and it's here you'll find most of the tree roots which take up nutrients from the soil surrounding them. This is the ideal zone for watering and feeding your trees
  • With the warmer spring climate, the nutrients you supply will help with fruit production and plant growth
  • Fruit trees have specific nutrient demands so using the right plant food that also contains a controlled release fertiliser is critical
  • Troforte M has a coating of millions of beneficial microbes feeding the plant in small amounts everyday
  • Fruit trees are hungry for potassium during flowering and fruit set. This fertiliser is boosted with potassium and the microbes it adds to the soil will help your plants readily take up this important nutrient.
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