Winter Vegetables

Story Title: Winter Vegetables
Episode: Eight
Date: April 24th 2010
Presenter:  Matt Leacy

Matt Leacy shows apartment dwellers how to grow a winter veggie patch and catch more sun on their balcony. You won't even need to dig!


  • How to create a dig-free balcony garden:
    • All you need is newspaper, straw, Lucerne, manure and a large pot.
    • Firstly, make sure you have a spot in full sun, then lay down about eight sheets of newspaper, wet it down and sprinkle in some manure.
    • Lay down a 100mm thick layer of lucerne (this should bring in those much needed worms), next is a layer of organics or manure (Matt recommends using chicken manure for its high nitrogen content) and then top it up with about 200mm of straw (also high in nitrogen).
    • Remember to soak each level along the way.
    • Finally create some little pockets of compost where you want your plants to go.
    • Plant all your herbs in and enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables all year round.


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