Yates – Ratsak Fast Action

Episode: 8
Title: Yates – Ratsak Fast Action Throw Packs and Disposable bait stations
Broadcast: 2nd May
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

How can you effectively stop a rat infestation in your home? Trevor and Yates help solve your questions with the Ratsak.

  • The active ingredient in the bait kills rats and mice in a single feed.

  • It contains a bittering agent, which helps prevent accidental consumption by children.

  • Rats and mice chew through the sachet to reach the bait.

  • Kills rats and mice 4 – 7 days after consumption.

  • The bait station is a revolutionary new no touch pre-baited station that helps keep bait away from pets. It is ready to use, included with the wax block.

  • Simply dispose the station when the block is eaten. Due to its unique new design, there is no touch, no mess and no fuss. Ideally space the bait stations 2-3 metres apart and keep well away from food.

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