Reel it in

Story Title: Reel it in
Episode: 2
Date: 15 January 2011
Presenter: Kim Syrus

We love our gardens, they are a wonderful refuge, a place of peace and tranquility, a place to relax and ponder but beware, there are dangers lurking around every corner, especially if there is a tap and a tangle of hose involved.

Kim's Tips and Facts

  • Tangled hoses are not only frustrating to use they can also be a shocking trip hazard, ready to catch the unsuspecting and, potentially causing an injury. And it's not just the tangled ones, hoses left across lawns or garden beds after use can also be an issue too.
  • To avoid these problems and keep your yard safe, always put your hose away after you've used it. The same rules apply whether you're working in a nursery or in your garden.


Featured Product

Hoselink Hose Reel

  • Hose reel is fully retractable, meaning, once you're finished with the hose, it automatically disappears into its durable all weather cover. No worries about tangled hoses ever again.
  • These reels are available in a range of hose lengths, 10 metre, 20 metre and a generous 30m.
  • All the reels include the uniquely designed Ned Kelly Starter Kit. The hose fittings are simple to attach and guaranteed to NEVER burst off your hose, giving you peace of mind that nothing can go wrong at any connection, including the spray nozzles these are a great water saver. And the good thing about these connections is they fit any 12mm hose.
  • All models come with a heavy duty wall mounting bracket that's quick and simple to attach. You can position them so they're out of site and only used when you need the hose. The 20 metre model can also be ground mounted using a special screw and fixing point making it extremely versatile.


Ned Kelly Starter Kit

  • Specially designed to stop leaks for good.
  • The unique locking system is incredibly strong.
  • Our Hoselink fittings are extremely durable and will solve your leaking and bursting problems.


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