Gardening Myths

Title: Gardening Myths
Episode: 10
Broadcast Date: 4/5/14
Presenter: Kim Syrus

It’s that time again; Kim is set to debunk some gardening myths, and these ones might just save you a ‘bunch’ of time in the garden!

  • Myth: ‘You always have to prune a rose to an outward facing bud at a 45 degree angle facing away from the bud’. The theory was that the any water hitting the top of the stem would roll away from the bud and prevent disease. Truth: Grab your snips and make a cut anywhere near a bud at whatever angle you like.
  • Myth: ‘Those keen gardeners in the southern states who get their pruning done at the end of May will be miles ahead of those who prune at the end of July’. Truth: They will only have their roses flowering barely a week earlier! Kim’s advice? Wait until your roses are fully dormant before giving them a chop.