Yates - Nature’s Way Caterpillar Dipel

Episode: 7
Title: Yates - Nature’s Way Caterpillar Dipel
Broadcast: 25th April
Presenter: Trevor

The Yates facebook page is always out to solve your gardening questions, this week’s question comes from Mark, where his kale appears to have holes on its leaves. Yates and Trevor team up to help solve this problem.

  • Holes in the leaves generally mean a pest infestation and in Mark’s case, it’s caterpillars. Caterpillars can be hard to get rid of in members of the cabbage family like broccoli, cabbage and kale.

  • Nature’s Way Caterpillar Killer Dipel is a certified organic.

  • Made from a naturally occurring bacterial, Bacillus thuringiensis. A soil-dwelling bacterium commonly used as a biological pesticide.

  • As soon as the caterpillar has ingested the Bacillus thuringienensis, the bacteria produces a toxic protein that paralyses the caterpillar’s gut and it stops feeding.

  • The spray does not kill caterpillars immediately. After the caterpillar eats treated foliage, it stops eating but may take up to 3-4 days to die and drop off the leaf.

  • Nature’s way caterpillar killer dipel is safe for beneficial bees and ladybirds. It can also be used on herbs, vegetables, fruits, vines and ornamentals.

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