Regularly Check Your Irrigation System

Episode: 3
Title: Regularly Check Your Irrigation System and Adjust It as the Weather Changes
Broadcast: 19th September 2015
Presenter: Darren Seinor

An efficient and effective irrigation system is one of the great time savers of the modern era. All the gardens and lawns can be watered, to their requirements, completely automatic without the gardener having to do a thing. But you need to remember that, like most things, irrigation systems need servicing and maintenance.

  • Broken sprinklers need to be repaired immediately so as not to waste water and it is important to replace like with like to ensure even watering.
  • Always continue to check your irrigation system is working correctly, program your system to suit current climate and seasonal conditions.
  • A Waterwise Garden Irrigator is trained to provide waterwise advice, services and products, they can help you save water and program your irrigation control.
  • Early morning watering allows the water to soak to the roots and be available to the plant throughout the day when they need it modt.
  • Always turn off your irrigation system if rain is forecast on your watering day, or install a rain sensor.

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