Revisit composting

Episode: 3
Title: Revisit composting, reinforce, no glass, no plastic
Broadcast: 19th September 2015
Presenter: Chris Ferreira

The SMRC are turning mountains of stinky rubbish into over 20,000 tonnes of soil replenishing compost for farms and landscaping every year, but how does this process go?

  • It begins with our green bins, filled with all the unsavory stuff we can muster from our households. With that, all the rubbish is transported to the giant waste facility at Canningvale.
  • Through accelerated composting, the fervor of trillions of bacteria churn through the stinky waste, turning into amazing compost in as little as four weeks.
  • Diverting it from landfill means it does not release methane, which is 24 times worse than C02 as a greenhouse gas.
  • To get the best system, it is vital we keep a few really bad items out of the green waste bin. First is broken glass, that should be put in the yellow top bin, same as plastic – stick that in the yellow bin. Anything that is toxic or contains a form of chemical should never go into the green top bin and instead should be sent to the Household Hazardous Waste section of your local tip.
  • There’s too much waste to keep track of, the good news is that the recycle right website and app gives you a heap of up to date information on the best place to put your waste in the first place.

Contact: SMRC Recycling -1300 556 726