Spring Tips for Ponds and Aquaponics

Episode: 3
Title: Spring Tips for Ponds and Aquaponics
Broadcast: 19th September 2015
Presenter: Calinda Anderson

As the weather warms and we transition from winter to spring, there are a few jobs to do now for both ponds and aquaponics systems.

  • For ponds and lovers of water lilies, the hardy varieties should be starting in their new growth season now, so you will need to get in there and fertilize your water lilies now. A slow release, dedicated water plant pellet is the best choice, with each lily requiring at least three pellets now and a couple of pellets every second month over the growing season.
  • If your lilies didn’t flower well last year, or if it has broken out of its pots, now is a great time to divide and re-pot. Use a sharp knife; if you can’t reuse the same pot, then you’ll need new ones. Acquire some aquatic potting mix and coarse gravel to take the plant out; hardy water lilies grow in rhizome, so look for the biggest, healthiest growing tip.
  • Iris should be flowering now, with Canna, Water Hibiscus and Thalia flowering just around the corner. All flowering water plants will really appreciate a light trim and feed right now, again using the slow release pellets for good results.
  • For people with aquaponics system, if you’re growing trout you need to be aware if your water temperature gets over 20 degrees Celsius they are in in trouble. Silver perch will love the summer months; Barramundi are also an option but need warm water between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius.
  • It is advised to think about extra aeration over summer, the warmer the water, the less oxygen it holds. Remember that with all ponds and aquaponics systems; you can never have too much oxygen!

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