Applying wetting agents

Story Title: Applying wetting agents
Episode: 2
Date: 15 January 2011
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Whilst we've had record rains across most of the country, the summer is starting to bite and grounds which have been recharged with moisture are starting to dry out. This is when you need to make sure moisture stays in the soil and any rains we get can soak deeply into the ground to keep your garden going.

Trevor's Tips and Facts

  • Mulching is critical for gardens for a couple of reasons. Sure, a layer 100mm deep will reduce evaporation by 70% and this means it takes less water to recharge the soils moisture levels and keep your plants looking good. Mulch also helps prevent weed problems.
  • The most important thing is making sure your garden doesn't become hydrophobic, that means that water soaks into the soil and doesn't run off, a very common problem with lawns in particular, so the best thing to do is use a good wetting agent. Until recent years most people didn't know much about wetting agents but it is now a must have in your garden shed.
  • You can get granular or liquid forms and the trick is making sure the agent is activated when you apply it. That means grabbing the hose and giving it a good wash into the soil. The important thing is making sure the ground bubbles and froths, if you see that, its going to work beautifully.
  • Remember the key to success with any garden is making sure you have consistent soil moisture levels. If the soils are moist all the time, your plants will never disappoint and everyone will say you have green fingers.

Featured Products

Seasol Soil Wetter

  • Increases the wettability and water holding capacity of the hard to wet soils.
  • Allows deeper penetration of water into your root zones.
  • Remains active for many months, making watering, rainfall and liquid feeding more effective and saves you money.