The Right Fit

Story Title: The Right Fit
Episode: Nine
Broadcast Date: 19/10/2013
Presenter: Melissa King

Now that water restrictions have been lifted in some areas, sprinklers are well and truly back. Melissa road test a few so you know which is the right sprinkler for your garden situation.

A Sprinkler For Everyone

  • The Impact sprinkler is used for larger gardens or situations where a long throw is needed. It's got an adjustable arc to limit rotation
  • The Water Tractor is another great choice for large gardens. The arms propel the tractor to move along the floor, following the hose it is connected to. Once it hits the shut off ramp at the end, the tractor stops watering
  • The Rainwave and Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler produce a wave of water from a central oscillating barrel. It's perfectly at home in a large garden setting too and gives your plants a nice even soak. The droplet size and distribution is designed to mimic steady heavy rain, with plenty of time for the water to soak in before the next pass
  • The Three Arm sprinkler is designed to give even watering by throwing out larger water droplets to reduce misting and wastage. It's a great choice for a medium size lawn
  • If you're after the perfect adjustable sprinkler, this could be the one for you -The Raintech sprinkler. You can adjust both the arc and throw of the sprinkler while maintaining the 'heavy rain' patterns that you get with an oscillator great for circumstances where you only want to water the lawn and not the pavement
  • Pope Sprinkler products are available from Bunnings, to find your nearest store click here

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